A documentary on the history of Technopolis, a multicultural center in the city of Athens. Technopolis is situated in the premises of the old factory that used to produce gas for the citizens of the greek capital. The factory shut down in 1985 after 128 years of constant operation due mainly to the pollution that it was causing to the surrounding areas. From 1995 events and exhibitions start to take place in the premises of the old factory and in 2000 the renovation of the buildings and the exterior areas comes to an end. From then on, Technopolis has been the most significant multicultural space of the city of Athens and one of the most important renovated industrial sites of Europe. In this documentary we uncover the history of Technopolis through the use of archival material and interviews with factory workers, administrative personnel, organizers of events and artists.

Direction: Andreas Loukakos Direction of Production: Simos Zervas Direction of Photography: Alexis Iosifidis Camera: Leonidas Papafotiou Editing: Andreas Loukakos, Leonidas Papafotiou Motion Graphics: Giorgos Eleftheroglou (