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a:15 Galateias Str 11851, Athens, Greece

t:+30 210 3416301


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we make all sort of promotional clips

including TV Spots, virals, corporate videos, showreels, making of and videos that are presented during a show or an event. We offer services for all stages of the production from concept and scriptwriting to shooting and post-production.

Promo Clip Portfolio

Promo Clip Portfolio
We make short and feature length documentaries

We develop, produce, shoot and edit both our own projects and assigned projects. We also co-produce becoming partners in projects providing services from equipment and facilities to development and production. Dotmov can also assist documentarists to apply for funding and guide them through the process of applying for festivals and finding distribution.

Documentary Portfolio

Documentary portfolio
We cover all kinds of events

from live performances to theatrical plays and from conferences to corporate events. We produce a variety of videos depending on your needs and budget. Those include single or multicamera shooting, making of-documentary style, short promotional videos and many more.

Event Portfolio

Event portfolio